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RIP: Gabriel Garcia Marquez Thanks for using words to make great art that eventually begat more great art like this song from Owen.  NPR has a nice obit. Read and listen to it here. I hope I can smile like that when I get older.


When people pass away on a daily basis, it is rarely front page news; and yet whenever anyone dies at a music festival, even if it is due to a completely moronic choice of their own, not only does it become a singular tragedy, but it gives the media new ammunition to disparage whatever scene they deem is at fault. This was taken to the extreme last September when former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled the final day of the Electric Zoo festival due to the deaths of two concertgoers.

To put things into perspective, there were an estimated 100,000 people in attendance at that festival. Two died. Two out of one hundred thousand. For comparison, the Center For Disease Control lists the current average number of deaths per 100,000 people at 799.5. You do the math.


—  Death & Taxes’ Joel Freimark in his story about music festival deaths being handled irresponsibly by the media. Before you get your undies all bunched up, you should actually read the story where he DOES NOT EXCUSE ULTRA’S NEGLIGENCE or try to diminish the value of human life.  

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Posted on 10 April, 2014

This song is good. I wrote about the EP for Thee Liquid Jesus.

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Posted on 7 April, 2014

"Does that hurt your feelings?"

- Jimmy Kimmel after asking Manny Pacquiao what he thought about Timothy Bradley saying Pac Man’s killer instinct is gone and Bradley’s accusations that the end of Manny’s career is here.

Damn, Manny’s whole interview and his reaction to Kimmel’s line of questioning is freaking adorable.  I hope he destroys Bradley on April 12. This video below is funny too.

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Posted on 4 April, 2014

St. Auggie was good to us. Grateful for 24 hours with friends and the best milkshake on Earth.

This cutie almost makes me wanna make one of my own to share with Danielle.

16 Things You Need To Know About St. Petersburg Before Moving There


1. Cool Kids Don’t Call It “The Burg”


Unless you’re a recidivist that wears a baseball cap with “727” on it, hologram sticker still in place on the oversized brim, then you really have no business calling this place The Burg (which is pronounced “Da Berg”). St. Pete is what the locals…

"I’ve had dolphins swim underneath my feet and eagles fly above my head in a place with more natural and human beauty than I ever thought possible in one place. People here get numb, they get cynical, but they’d suffer without the beauty of this place."

Someone from Memphis offered up a nice counter to all the dumb lists about “The Burg” floating around. The cynicism is hilarious, but the pride for the city is sweet.

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Posted on 26 March, 2014
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Making friends. // The Bricks, Ybor City, Fla.

Making friends. // The Bricks, Ybor City, Fla.

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Posted on 16 March, 2014

I wrote about Trentino coming to Clearwater beach last week. Here’s what I’m talking about. I think it’s pretty damn good. Thoughts? Below is the text from the Tampa Bay Times.

With DJ A-Rock
SUNDAY Noon. Shephard’s Beach Resort, 619 S Gulfview Blvd., Clearwater Beach. $5-$10. (727) 441-6875.
Well, it looks like Florida “winter” has finally gone to rest, so that means beach season is finally open. Shephard’s is ready to celebrate by inviting Chicago producer Trentino to reignite their Sunday beach parties alongside Orlando’s DJ A-Rock. Last spring, Trentino defeated A-Rock to become the U.S. champion of Red Bull Thr3estyle, a competition where DJs are judged on technical skill, originality, musical taste and ability to work a crowd. While Trentino is a house music producer, his Thr3estyle crown means he mixes all kinds of genres to make bodies move. You can bet summer bikinis and boardshorts will get broken out for this one.

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Posted on 6 March, 2014

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Posted on 4 March, 2014

To all of you who keep looking at me crazy when I tell you I think Jennifer Aniston is really pretty.

To all of you who keep looking at me crazy when I tell you I think Jennifer Aniston is really pretty.

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Posted on 20 February, 2014

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